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Book I of the Orphans of Tolosa Trilogy

Sent away from their families for their own protection when they were very young, Azemar and Azalaïs become separated when they are forced to flee from the band of outlaws who served as their supposed protectors. Armed only with scraps of memories and the wits and intelligence that have helped them survive brutal conditions, they struggle to find each other again and discover the mysterious past that links them across distance and time. Who are they? And do they hold the secret of the legendary Cathar treasure? All they know is that knights and monks spell danger, and they must find a way to survive at all costs if they are to fulfill their destiny—and preserve their vanishing culture.

From Bellastoria Press

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  • Passion and power, intrigue and betrayal, love and romance, ÉMILIE’S VOICE has it all… Well written and researched, with plots, subplots, and counterplots to keep the reader turning the pages, musicologist Susanne Dunlap’s debut novel is an entertaining and vivid portrayal of the period.

    Romance Reviews today
  • Beautifully, lyrically written, I was enthralled by LISZT'S KISS from the first page. Ms. Dunlap is a strong voice in today’s historical fiction.

    Diane Haeger
  • [THE MUSICIAN'S DAUGHTER] …a gutsy, sympathetic heroine who remains true to her friends, in a fast-paced historical adventure that offers a hint of romance.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • Dunlap persuasively inhabits the thoughts and emotions of her embattled protagonist; her magnetic reimagining of ANASTASIA’s story has the potential to reach a broad audience.

    Publishers Weekly
  • Molly’s exceptionally authentic and appealing character powers this well-crafted novel…Overall, [IN THE SHADOW OF THE LAMP] is an honorable homage and an absorbing read.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • [THE ACADEMIE] Dunlap’s intricate plot darts among the first-person narratives of Eliza, Caroline, Hortense, and Madeleine. The elegant work of historical fiction is laced with fluttery romances, psychological games, and surprises.

    Publishers Weekly
The lies of memoir

The lies of memoir

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